Rental Services for Tenants

  1. If you find a property you would like to view we will do all we can to arrange a convenient time as soon as is possible.
  2. When a suitable property is identified, we will carry out such credit checks, take up previous Landlords’ references and an employment reference if deemed appropriate.
  3. We will draw up the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement or Company Agreement where appropriate and explain the terms and conditions fully to you.
  4. In order to end an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, it is necessary to serve a notice on the Tenant at least two months before possession is required. We will issue the appropriate notice requiring possession if and when instructed.
  5. We will prepare or update a detailed inventory and schedule of condition and agree this with you at the commencement of the letting.
  6. We will collect from you a minimum deposit equivalent to five weeks rent which we will hold as stakeholder between the parties and the balance or full deposit will be returned to the you at the end of the tenancy after agreement has been reached regarding any dilapidation’s which may have occurred without interest which will retained by us.
  7. At the termination of the tenancy we will check the inventory and prepare a schedule of dilapidation’s if any. Any damage or dilapidation which may have occurred during the tenancy is recorded on the schedule, copies of which are sent to both Landlord and Tenant who agree what amount, if any, is to be deducted from the dilapidation’s deposit. If the parties are unable to agree dilapidation’s charges then, at our discretion, the deposit will be apportioned between the Landlord and the Tenant as we shall, in our sole discretion decide, or the money will be placed in a bank account pending agreement as to the dilapidation charges.
  8. We will collect the rent in advance of each rental period.
  9. We will carry out a routine inspection of the property, if no serious defect requiring inspection has been reported in the meantime.
  10. We will investigate as far as possible any defects which are reported to us or which come to our notice. With the landlords prior approval and clear instructions obtained first we will carry out all routine maintenance and repairs, we have access to a number of experienced and very capable tradesmen so once reported we will sort it out as soon as is reasonably possible.
  11. We operate a full on 24 hour 7 day a week emergency repair service which enables tenants to be confident that any problem is dealt with immediately by us one of the partners will attend the property to personally inspect the problem as well as calling out a tradesman thus keeping full control over what repairs are actually required.
  12. During our management we will check for any repairs that may need to be carried out, advise the Landlord accordingly and await further instructions.
  13. Potential tenants will be required to pay a one week holding deposit which will be held by Henwick properties for 15 days or longer by written agreement. At the end of that period the holding deposit must be repaid to the tenant if the landlord and tenant enter into a tenancy agreement. The holding deposit will then be paid towards the tenancy deposit. If the landlord or agent withdraws from the agreement for any reason the holding deposit is refunded with 7 days to the tenant. There are exemptions to repay a holding deposit should a tenant fail immigration act checks, provide false information in their application, if the tenant withdraws from the process or fails to take reasonable steps to enter into the agreement.


If you have an emergency (such as a serious leak) out of office hours then please call 07881 021754.


Unless otherwise instructed, this amount is equivalent to five weeks rent. We hold the deposit as stakeholder between the parties and the balance of full deposit will be returned to the Tenant after agreement has been reached regarding any dilapidation’s which may have occurred. Henwick Properties is a member of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (follow the link for more details).


In the event that you are at any time dissatisfied with any level of service given to you by Henwick Properties we would ask you to contact the senior partner Garry Kaxe who will assist you in dealing with any queries that may arise in connection with any aspect of our service and terms of business. For details please see our Complaints Procedure.

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